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Magen Avrohom Sponsorship

(1 month)


Crisis Intervention


Advocacy (1 month)


School Awareness and Prevention



$1000  per struggler

Chizuk and Support Publications (1 month)


Teleconference Support Group

(1 month)


Case Managment

(1 month)


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Magen Avrohom is a recognized non-profit Jewish organization that assists  families and individuals struggling with an eating disorder by offering education, guidance, and support.

We have developed a unique environment-based program where we help the struggler and his/her family navigate the complex world of eating disorders. We offer support and understanding through our mentoring program which is a crucial step for recovery.  We coordinate between the struggler and the professional therapists, family, and friends making sure that all work together for the benefit of these individuals and help them resume a normal happy life.  All our work is done with complete confidentiality so clients can overcome their reluctance to accept outside help.

 Aside from the life sustaining nutrition it provides, food also plays a social role in our lives.  For those affected with an eating disorder food takes an additional dimention-that of harmful enemy or secret friend.

While commonly associated with dramatic weight loss and an obsession with thinness, eating disorders are in fact a complex emotional illness.  Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are usually connected with a desperate need to feel in control of one's life. Obsessive behavior can become so bizzare as to make life unbearable.  The victim's health begins to fail, organ systems shut down one by one and can often lead to to a painful and premature death. Early detection and diagnosis are crucial for treatment and give the victim a better chance at a cure.

The cost of medical as well as therapeutic treatment is exorbitant. Your financial support will go a long way in defraying these expenses. You can become a partner in saving a life.

You can also provide the emotional support to a victim struggling with an eating disorder. A strong supportive environment is an integral  aspect of the recovery process.  

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