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What is Magen Avraham?

Magen Avraham is a highly-acclaimed non-for-profit which assists families and individuals struggling with an eating disorder by offering education, guidance and support.

While our team and those who have received assistance from us are unlikely to talk publicly about much of our vital work, Magen Avraham provides services which are as lifesaving as anything found elsewhere in our community. While it might sound shocking to some, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. An estimated 10% of those struggling with an eating disorder will die. That’s one in ten! Numbers like these are horrifying, leaving strugglers and their families at a complete loss when disaster strikes. Magen Avraham is there for them during this tumultuous time.

What does Magen Avraham do?

We address each eating disorder on two fronts; medically and emotionally. With a dizzying array of expert opinions and available treatment options, we help families choose the proper doctors, therapists and nutritionists. We also ensure that the treatment regimens are consistent with a Torah’dig hashkafah, as determined by Gedolei Yisroel. 

At Magen Avraham, we work tirelessly towards full recovery. Though a daunting task, we are confident that with Siyata Dishmaya and a firm will, strugglers could emerge triumphant after this enormous nisayon.

Whom does Magen Avraham help?

We help every individual who reaches out for assistance in dealing with an eating disorder. Shockingly, eating disorders affect every segment of our community! The public is often unaware of the severity of the issue as shame and fear of being stigmatized has forced many struggling individuals to conceal their illness. Silently, these illnesses have ravaged countless homes, and destroyed so many beautiful neshamos. By reaching out and supporting Magen Avraham, you may very well be throwing a lifeline to your own cousin, neighbor or friend.

Why Magen Avraham?

Strugglers who have recovered from an eating disorder attribute a great part of their success to having had a supportive environment throughout their ordeal. Unlike a physical illness where the patient is cured with a specific procedure, a physical-emotional disorder requires that the patient be surrounded by a support system which is conducive to a smooth recovery.  Magen Avraham has developed a highly-successful environment-based education and support program which has proven incredibly successful in the complex world of eating disorders. Our team works with family, friends, teachers, doctors and others who make up the struggler’s environment to bring about a successful resolution to each case.

Please join our LIFE- SAVING MISSION!

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